Monday, April 9, 2012

Design of the Future

LAVA Studio (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture) has developed the interior of a hotel room that looks more like the inside of a spaceship. Designers have created this space showing the interaction between high technology and the human body. S combination of free space forms with soft and hard materials ensure the interconnection between the various functional areas. By creating this super-modern design, the designers have included all the system needs a continuous wall. Coherence was extremely quiet.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Several creative design beds

  The time we spend in sleep, usually around 8:00. Some people spend and less, but if you go to sleep somewhere else, not in my own bed, and many problems arise, it is uncomfortable bed, pillow or mattress. But what if you have to sleep in the bed below?
We offer an interesting collection of beds, some of which hardly can be called comfortable.
Yin Yang Bed
Creative bunk bed created by Italian designer Alessio Papp
Coach Bunk Bed
Sofa bunk bed unit convert with one simple movement into two everyday beds with wooden slatted base.
Enignum Bed
Beautiful and stylish wooden bed designed by Joseph Walsh.
Fetal Bed
This bed saves space by forcing you to sleep in a fetal position, though it won’t save you from a pretty bad back pain.
Floating Bed
The new floating bed which hovers 40 cm above the floor represents a significant development in the design of sleeping apparatus.
 Cinderella Bed
Unique pumpkin carriage bed inspired by the Cinderella fairy tale.
Bird Nest Bed
Bird nest inspired bed designed by Merav Eitan and Gas­ton Zahr.
Rocking Bed
Cool bed by Manuel Kloker allows you to rock yourself to sleep.
Bed Sosia
This versatile modern sofa allows you to configure various scenarios as needed. A flexible contemporary sofa and armchairs, corner L-shaped sofa, a private enclosed space, L, this design transformation really has everything!

  Wave Bed
Modern double bed designed by Karsten and Jakob Gudiksen.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Futuristic modern chairs with high technology and LED-chair, chairs next generation

If you look eccentric furniture for your interior, you can stop the chairs with LED lighting design. The idea is sofa with lights that change color and can charge your current mood. Cozy chair changes color through sensors that are influenced by the environment or change the user. It contains many built-in LEDs and sensors that control them. These comfortable chairs easily and effectively improve the appearance of both public and residential spaces with pieces that feature built-in LEDs and furniture are new trend.
Rocking chair motion can be used to charge portable devices, according to designer Ryan Klinger. He created Empower, a rocking chair that uses kinetic energy to generate power required for charging devices that can be plugged directly into the chair.
The chairs can be grouped and used in airports, libraries, offices and private homes.
The chair can be transformed from a chair in a bench and won second place in the Green Gadgets design competition for 2010.
Multi-seat lounge on Rizki Tarisa is ergonomic and comfortable except that it is a high technology that chair and Ecological Well, given that it is made from recycled and biodegradable plastics and also painted using eco-paint.
High-chair can generate electricity through the pedals, the concept of the technology is similar to wind technology and kinetic powered bike light. Force could be used to power electronic gadgets. There are built-in micro chip, Led a special sensor to change the lights. There are adjustable and flexible table using a laptop with internet access and music player. High-tech modern chair is a unique, interactive and fun furniture.

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