Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Futuristic modern chairs with high technology and LED-chair, chairs next generation

If you look eccentric furniture for your interior, you can stop the chairs with LED lighting design. The idea is sofa with lights that change color and can charge your current mood. Cozy chair changes color through sensors that are influenced by the environment or change the user. It contains many built-in LEDs and sensors that control them. These comfortable chairs easily and effectively improve the appearance of both public and residential spaces with pieces that feature built-in LEDs and furniture are new trend.
Rocking chair motion can be used to charge portable devices, according to designer Ryan Klinger. He created Empower, a rocking chair that uses kinetic energy to generate power required for charging devices that can be plugged directly into the chair.
The chairs can be grouped and used in airports, libraries, offices and private homes.
The chair can be transformed from a chair in a bench and won second place in the Green Gadgets design competition for 2010.
Multi-seat lounge on Rizki Tarisa is ergonomic and comfortable except that it is a high technology that chair and Ecological Well, given that it is made from recycled and biodegradable plastics and also painted using eco-paint.
High-chair can generate electricity through the pedals, the concept of the technology is similar to wind technology and kinetic powered bike light. Force could be used to power electronic gadgets. There are built-in micro chip, Led a special sensor to change the lights. There are adjustable and flexible table using a laptop with internet access and music player. High-tech modern chair is a unique, interactive and fun furniture.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Modern, innovative, comfortable, original, designed with a lot of fantasy - chairs and lounges

 creative lounge chair furniture

This creative lounge chair is designed with a lot of fantasy by Claudio Colucci.  Created for the Swiss manufacturer of ice cream and spoon like ice cream. Not for nothing is called ice lounge chair. In the center of the sphere has a small table where you can put a cup of ice cream. To complete this delightful pleasure lounge has a built-in music system that allows connoisseurs to enjoy the FAV tunes with sweet temptations.
Luxury and elegance kind of creative chair furniture, very real, ultra modern furniture sun
beds ice Claudio Colucci. Over the round purple carpet, furniture sun beds area looks very elegant. This is certainly an attractive ultra modern white furniture for your lounge chair area home furniture.
Ferrari chair

  This Ferrari is chair for those who can
t part with F1. The chair comes with stool to rest tired legs. The project took the designer Arthur R. Reyes three years to bring this beauty with a real car seat and glossy finish of the car. There are several speakers placed over his head at the top and several submarines to kick your ass. Added game console and below and is mounted LCD panel footrest.
All this makes the chair very effective and functional, but for now this is just a prototype.
Splash lounge

Designer Michael L. Wendel was inspired by the type of water spray, sealed macro photos. The same can be seen the super slow video - droplets hit the surface, making ripples in the whole lake. There is a moment that one tenth of a second when the impact creates a crater or species seem to be small enough it could neatly cup you. Designer Michael Wendel created 1/8th scale model called the Splash chair big enough to sit in it.
How is it done: The chair is sculpted in 1/8th scale with Sculpey clay. Then the model is sliced ​​into ¼ inch pieces. These pieces are scanned, enlarged to full scale, intended to be used as a model for full-scale model. From there, the templates were adhered to 2 inch pink insulation foam, cut out, and assembled to the full scale form. Countless are the hours of sanding later. Form is covered with four layers of glue, Elmer, to protect the foam resin. After the glue dries, the form is sprayed with chopped fiberglass using a chopper gun. Once dry, fiberglass is sanded and then coated with Bondo. After sanding Bondo as smooth as possible, was painted with white gloss epoxy paint.
This lounge besides the unique beauty and originality, and is very convenient.
living-lounge chair

The model is created by Design Jgreen group and has won awards for 2008. Lounges is very stylish and extremely comfortable. Made of poplar and dressed in damask micro suede lavender color. Looks like a living creature with black hands from a tree. Dimensions are 96 x 38 x 30 inches and is very elegant. Luxurious living-lounge chair is produced in limited series, but its price is high enough so that not everybody  afford  it - $ 7,500.

Ducking lounges
Ducking lounges is true to its name as it appears to be sufficiently long measuring 2 meters. Made of walnut and built-in degree of curvature, lounge is truly one of the most relaxing chairs, both indoors and outdoors. Woo-hoo, leaning lounges, tea, and classic film, I live so cute day that anyone can dream! Designer of this beautiful lounge is Jung Myung Taek.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Incredible art installation for the retail sale of Gold Interiors, BOFFO building of New York Fashion

From 29 September to 12 October 2011 in the building of BOFFO Fashion in New York was presented jewelry collection. For this purpose, the installation was built, we present.
Green trees, gold, glass and lights create a fairy tale, which stand out among the jewels of Irene Neuwirth. This innovative idea attracted many visitors who were truly impressed by the elegant jewelry collection and less enchanted by the luxurious and shiny ornaments, among which the very spot were presented splendid and fine gems.
Exeptional BOFFO Building Fashion
Irene Neuwirth Jewelry
Amazing Retail Interior Design
 Luxury Jewelry Collection in Unique Store
Spectacular Installation Art
Awesome Gold Accent at Store Interior
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