Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Interior of small room with kitchen

  This great little interior space is made of interior design studio INDESIGN.
The aim in interior design of this space is to combine three functional areas in one space, the design should be lightweight and unobtrusive.

Kitchen space combines kitchen, dining room and living room. Three functional areas are divided by the interesting shapes of the plasterboard. As an added emphasis in each zone has two hanging lamps. They provide the necessary lighting for each zone. Predominant color is cocoa, which brings softness and comfort throughout the interior.
    Bar with lights is an interesting option that moves the kitchen area. It also acts as the limit of the kitchen with other functional areas.


In the interior there is no traditional TV cabinet. The TV is on the wall to save space. On the back of sofas placed interesting shelves, which also have a decorative and practical function.
Chosen is a table of glass and metal to reflect light and create impression of more space.
Cabinet furniture is decor Woodline Cream and Sand Larch by Egger, a kitchen countertop is from Crystal Colorado Technistone.
The design of the furniture is INDESIGN.
This project proves that even small spaces can become a great interior.

Mikakure Chair

During design week 2011 in Tokyo, Koki Yoshida showed that a chair that is called "mikakure" seat. Every single seat was removed so that it connects to another, like a zipper. So chairs are interrelated and can be shaped seat with unlimited size.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Cosmic interior design

The furniture is the cornerstone of any interior. Just ask them the keynote of the whole flat, shape the mood and style. That's why we strive to select the original and something extraordinary and beautiful now that it is not difficult to quickly get acquainted with all the fashion trends of the market.
Space shapes technological goals, games with unreal colors - this determines the design of the "interior space".
This style can be used for each room, as long as you like. It is characterized by its minimalist design, dynamic, but bold shapes. Another important part of this style is light - different color and location lighting create a fantastic atmosphere of the interior design space.
Cosmic living room interior
Ufo style kitchen design
Minimalist cosmic room design
Cosmic living room design
Luxury cosmic bedroom

Monday, December 19, 2011

Modern and comfortable home

 INDESIGN designers have made it home in a pleasant, comfortable and luxurious place to live in a family of four.
In the living room are three distinct areas: cooking, dining and recreation. In the kitchen is a large non-traditional bar with granite countertop, which increases the working space and allows the hostess not to turn back to its guests far cook. Absorber with a vertical design is the center of the modern kitchen.
Dining table for 8 people, allowing residents to welcome the many guests in their beautiful home. Top is decorated with spectacular red floral pattern, which continues and develops in the remaining furniture.

In the rest area there is not much furniture to have more space. "Great furniture is selected for large soft holidays.

"The furniture is clean and the decor are woodline mocha and white gloss. Our decision is designer coffee table cut from MDF and glass lakobel", complemented by the studio.
An interesting combination of old traditions and new technologies is the wall with stone fireplace and the large LCD TV.
The lighting in this room is a great interest. Hanging black lights are really impressive, they are CARINO LIRIO series of Philips. Another great solution is to use Light Tape, which arches across the ceiling. Long, thin and bright electroluminescent lamp allows it to be painted a variety of shapes. This project is an example of the possibilities offered by this technology. The flooring is a combination of laminate and granite. Porcelain tiles in front of the kitchen fireplace and alcove at the bottom, which is a small conservatory.

Upholstered beds with bent panels in the bedroom, made a draft copyright INDESIGN, the first thing that strikes as you look in the bedroom.
  Both free walls are designed with decorative wallpaper and paint with purple floral motif.

 Child is colorful, bright and fabulous. Here, among many fresh colors and fairy tale characters are used and multipurpose solutions. Seated next to decorative fencing, for example, be used for storage of many toys.
Contrary to the child, adolescent vision of the room is intentionally cleared. It only has a large desk and bookshelf. The column was developed so that it becomes a natural part of the interior.
Hall is unusually large and round, the idea is no unnecessary furniture to "steal from space."
Both bathrooms are in different defined color. Blue is for guests and pink - for the hosts.
 Characteristic for both, however, the decision to shower, which features two glass opening wings. And in the bathroom furniture are a special project the studio for interior design and furniture design INDESIGN.

The designers have created for residents of this cozy home a beautiful, luxurious and beautiful environment, conducive to a happy and beautiful life.