Monday, December 5, 2011

Great clocks - Part Two

   The stop watch, inspired by Is Hand-painted in silver gray with a subtle metallic sheen. Numbers and has a black edge around the edge, and two ants. The dial is finished with several coats of durable pre-catalysed with high gloss surface.
 More than 150 clockwise are collected to be turned into a clock. Read the whole word - 12 words of "one" to "twelve". (For byChristiaan Postma)
Time literally talk shows "some time" - are microscopic in size of the clock. However, the clock include magnifying lenses, expanding the numbers as they pass over them so that they are reading, bringing attention to the current time. (Designed by Rafael Morgan)
Look up close and see the figure hidden among the spots. This watch is made of reinforced glass and hang on the wall as a standard picture. (Designed by: Sono Design)

Memory of the feeling when you solve problems on the blackboard-Pop Quiz Clock
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