Wednesday, December 7, 2011

High-Tech Christmas trees

In this article we will see 8 high-tech Christmas trees, which of which more interesting and bizarre (like we will have in the office
1. Tree of the LCD Sharp - decoration consists of 43 LCD TVs 19 to 52 inches
   2. 3D laser tree - assembled in Japan can be seen in Las Vegas
3.      Christmas tree decorated with computer gadgets - the dream of every beginner hacker
4.This tree is reminiscent of the Madrid komoyutarna a retro game
5.USB fiber optic Christmas tree ...
6. Wireless Christmas tree - use radio waves to transfer energy to the lights
7. Tree motherboard
8. Tree in front of Rockefeller Center - put it in the box tegnologichni trees for parameters and - 25 meters high, 30,000 energy efficient light bulbs, wires, 8 km, star, containing 25,000 Swarovski stones ...