Sunday, December 11, 2011

Innovative technology transforms our steps into light

The Pavegen system has been tested in East London.

Pavegen is a system of tiles, which are placed on the floor in crowded pedestrian areas, steps to make people an inexhaustible source of electricity. The invention was made on 25-year-old Englishman Lawrence Campbell-Cook, who developed his prototype, while still studying at university. 100% of the surface of the tiles made of recycled rubber and the base - from 80% recycled materials. Technology Pavegen won many awards, was nominated for "Product of the Year" in the UK along with developments such as iPad from Apple.

"Imagine that, going in the morning to work through the steps to produce light harvesting your evening. Technology should inspire people, make them think about how they live and to show what is possible in the future environmentally friendly city," says Lawrence
Calculations show that if steps Pavegen gather all people around the world for one day, it would be sufficient to maintain a phone loaded about 300 million years. The average person makes about 200 million steps in his life. And if any step produces energy?

Johnnie Walker will be implemented in the spring of 2012, an innovative technology project Pavegen, in Sofia, Bulgaria.
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