Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Interior of small room with kitchen

  This great little interior space is made of interior design studio INDESIGN.
The aim in interior design of this space is to combine three functional areas in one space, the design should be lightweight and unobtrusive.

Kitchen space combines kitchen, dining room and living room. Three functional areas are divided by the interesting shapes of the plasterboard. As an added emphasis in each zone has two hanging lamps. They provide the necessary lighting for each zone. Predominant color is cocoa, which brings softness and comfort throughout the interior.
    Bar with lights is an interesting option that moves the kitchen area. It also acts as the limit of the kitchen with other functional areas.


In the interior there is no traditional TV cabinet. The TV is on the wall to save space. On the back of sofas placed interesting shelves, which also have a decorative and practical function.
Chosen is a table of glass and metal to reflect light and create impression of more space.
Cabinet furniture is decor Woodline Cream and Sand Larch by Egger, a kitchen countertop is from Crystal Colorado Technistone.
The design of the furniture is INDESIGN.
This project proves that even small spaces can become a great interior.