Friday, December 2, 2011

Coffee table with Crashed Ferrari

Such is the idea of ​​"something different" for the living room. With such a contract with a customer went to designer Charly Molinelli.

Broken Ferrari - coffee table

The idea for this coffee table was designed by Charly Molinelli. It was prompted by the request of a client to do "something different" for his living. This is a coffee table in which are placed the remains of pressed Ferrari.

Ferrari broken in a wooden cabinet on wheels

   The artist built a wooden cabinet on wheels, which fits in the wreck, to present his idea to the client.
The designer says: "It was difficult to find a broken Ferrari, hard enough to be completely written off the idea."

Interior with a broken Ferrari - coffee table

"As you can imagine, this does not happen every day. But with luck, we found a garage who disapproved by the client. This is exactly what we need."

Sources: Thesun - Molinellidesign